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The story

“Innovative Duo Introduces Groundbreaking Yard Work Solution: Meet the Rak-O (pronounced Rake Oh)! This ingenious invention melds the functionalities of a hula hoe, a retractable rake, and more. Marshall Day, with a background in media and marketing, collaborates closely with his business partner, Kevin Sagouspe, to perfect this game-changing garden tool.”

The start of the Rak-O.

The Rak-O is a versatile gardening tool that blends the functionality of a hula hoe and a retractable rake, among other innovative features. Marshall dedicated his efforts to developing this invention since 1999, diligently crafting multiple prototypes, utilizing 3D-printed components, and seeking guidance from professors at Fresno State. This journey led him to forge a partnership with Kevin Sagouspe, who played a crucial role in refining the garden tool. After years of unwavering commitment, Sagouspe established connections with manufacturing facilities to bring the Rak-O to life. The appeal of this ingenious tool spans from homeowners tending to their yards to farmers supporting their families. One farmer, for instance, found immense value in its adjustability for planting strawberries. Additionally, the Rak-O surprises users with unexpected features, such as the ability to attach a “duckie” bag for animal waste collection and a built-in bottle opener for enjoying a refreshing beverage after a day’s work. To bring their vision to fruition, the creators aim to raise $25,000 through a Kickstarter campaign over the next month.